Client: Agro Sevilla

The olive oil giant of Seville wanted educational postcards to give after their tours to their young visitors.

1. I chose an olive character as the protagonist, going through the process.
2. After numerous sketches, I chose one that focused on facial expressions.
3. I created a storyboard for the process and the necessary expressions.
4. Designed these within Illustrator.

Client: Free Now

Two illustrations were requested for web and mobile platforms, which were further developed.

1. Brand guidelines required tracing photos of real people with a specific method.
2. The guidelines specified using spaces and vector points that would keep consistency between all illustrations.

Client: Carne y Salud

Several Instagram posts of Carne Y Salud were required constantly. Multiple templates were used with different specifications.

1. Sifted through Shutter Stock as quickly as possible for specific styles of photography.
2. Retouched each photo for a clean, professional look.
3. Followed different templates for different types of posts (3 examples below).

Template 1

3x3 image.

Template 2

Template 3

Client: Sevilla Universidad

A poster was requested for a lecture series on reading in the modern-tech world

1. Various concept sketches were made.
2. A flat design was chosen and designed in Illustrator.
3. Followed a template for consistency with previous and future work.

Client: Sevilla Turismo


A design was requested by the client to relate the past with the present of Sevilla, in a poster format.

1. Sifted through photos of past and present, and selected two.
2. Searched Shutter Stock for a hand.
3. The three photos were combined.

Office Signs

An upgrade was required for the currently in-use signs for guests at Sevilla Turismo Office.

1. Minimalist style was chosen, and a template created.
2. The official red and yellow colours were required, with as little red as possible.

Using Format