Airbnb: Local Advice

Tourists can be annoying and noisy. And the elderly wanting a getaway don't want that. Locals understand the pain. And locals know the places tourists don't. So stay with one.

Brief: Airbnb is predominantly used by young guests. How can it attract more of an older target?

Insight: Elderly couples like to connect and receive useful information from trusted sources. 

Idea: Promote the aspect of locals assisting guests to know the city with a local's perspective.

Prints: Magazine / Newspaper

Food Network

A delightful recipe taught by Martha Stewart for a vacation spot will be made promoting Airbnb's advantage of having a good time. There will be three versions in total. Below is an example for Madrid.

Outdoor: Directional Sign Post

Easily visible sign posts will be placed in popular tourists locations. Each post will give directions to local favourites, advice from airbnb's hosts. Below is an example at Amsterdam's train station.

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