Campaign: airbnb

Why should elderly, non-airbnb guests use airbnb while traveling? So their hosts can have them enjoy the city away from annoying tourists.


Prints will be placed in magazines and newspapers read by the target audience.

Commercials: Food Network

A short commercial will be played on Food Network with Martha Stewart. The ad adds ingredients to make for a good trip/time when traveling. The example below is for travelers to Madrid, Spain. 

Other examples
Paris, France. Ingredients: Snails, art, wine... local advice.
Pula, Croatia. Ingredients: Olive oil, cravats/ties, klipich... local advice

Outdoor: Directional Sign Post

Below is an example of a directional sign post installed by Airbnb in certain areas of a city that are most visited. The example is at Amsterdam, indicating three locations that are great local places suggested by real locals to avoid crowds of tourists and tourist traps. Little detail is given on the signs other than direction and name so travelers can speak to locals.

Using Format