Digital Art

Collection of digital art projects in different styles.

Yogi Donald Trump

With a looming prison sentence for Donald Trump, I imagine a judge may require him to calm down and rehabilitate with yoga if convicted. Yogi Donald Trump and his various stances. Less Twitter, more fitter; peace for Trump, world peace for all.

Summer Postcards

One of my summer memories is illustrated in this three-piece postcard series. Each are a combination of three aspects: (i) Watermelons, (ii) my first time swimming in the Adriatic Sea with my girlfriend, and (iii) my constant fear of man-eating sea creatures everywhere.

Darth Kitty

Are cats evil? How about black cats? How about Angry Cat's cousin? Perhaps with a plan to take over the galaxy? Well, Darth Kitty is all of that and more! These were originally a sticker set (still going to be), and yes there are more.

FIFA '18 Croatia Team

My top four players of 2018's FIFA World Cup's Croatian team.

From Photos To Vectors

Personal project of digitizing my girlfriend into vector artwork.

Flat Design

Personal project trying out flat design.

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