Digital Art

The Astronaut/Creative/Explorer

Designed this postcard attached with an edible treat and sent it to agencies. The astronaut, the creative, the explorer of the creative space.

Yogi Donald Trump

With a looming prison sentence for Donald Trump, I imagine a judge may require him to calm down and rehabilitate with yoga if convicted. Yogi Donald Trump and his various stances. Less Twitter, more fitter; peace for Trump, world peace for all.

Summer Memory Postcards

A series that reflected a combination of three aspects:

(i) My constant fear of man-eating sea creatures everywhere,
(ii) My first time swimming in the Adriatic Sea, and
(iii) Watermelons.

Darth Kitty

Are cats evil? Perhaps with a plan to take over the galaxy? Well, introducing Darth Kitty!

1. Sketches were drawn for possible positions.
2. Unique brushes were created for the shading/lighting.
3. The brushes were used in progressive layers.

Applied Arts 2017 Submission

The concept was to illustrate how we perceive ourselves in an ungrateful and naive way by highlighting what we don't have. We tell ourselves- or let society dictate- what's good, beautiful, etc. In reality, we are all lovely in our own ways.

FIFA '18 Croatia Team

My top four players of 2018's FIFA World Cup's Croatian team.

PS -> Ai

Turning photos into vector illustrations

Avengers Posters

Trying out flat design with the two leaders.

Using Format