Postcard: The Explorer

This postcard was attached with an edible treat and sent it to ECDs. The astronaut, the explorer of the creative space: The ECD enjoying something new.

Experimental: Flat and Exaggerated

A series of character designs following one of 2020's top trending illustration styles.

Yogi Donald Trump

With a looming prison sentence for Donald Trump, I imagine a judge may require him to calm down and rehabilitate with yoga if convicted. Yogi Donald Trump and his various stances. Less Twitter, more fitter; peace for Trump, world peace for all.

Summer Memory Postcards

A series that reflected a combination of three aspects: 

(i) My constant fear of man-eating sea creatures everywhere,
(ii) My first time swimming in the Adriatic Sea, and 
(iii) Watermelons.

Sticker Set: Darth Kitty

Are cats evil? Perhaps with a plan to take over the galaxy? Introducing Darth Kitty!

1. Sketches were drawn for possible positions.
2. Unique brushes were created for the shading/lighting.
3. The brushes were used in progressive layers.

Applied Arts 2017 Submission - "Advice"

We want to be like others, and others want to be like us. Start recognizing yourself. We're all tasty in our own ways.

Experimental: FIFA '18 Croatia Team

My top four players of 2018's FIFA World Cup's Croatian team.

Experimental: Romance

Illustrated photos. A successful romantic gesture 😉

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