Lego For Teen Anxiety

Brief: Rebuild the world of creativity for teenagers.

Gen Z  is the most anxious generation, and their Nature Deficit Disorder's (NDD) increasing. NDD is correlated to mental health. 

Insight: Plant-friendly spaces have shown to reduce anxiety.

Idea: Promote greener and creative-living spaces by getting teens to build their own unique flower pots using Lego.

Lego Pot Possibilities

Instagram Stories/Ads

Firstly, Instagram Stories/Ads will educate teens about anxiety and encourage them to spend time with plants by building Lego flower pots.

TikTok Challenge

Then collaborating with TikTok creators, we'll challenge teens to build Lego pot creations to support greener living.


Earth lover, Eco_Tok Creator, encourages greener living


Self-proclaimed "eco dude", educates on topics of environment


Facts provider and encourages healthier mental states

Instagram Live

For those challenging starts, Lego Master Builders will give live tutorials on Instagram Live.

Plant Nurseries

Lego pot creations will be placed in plant nurseries with factual messages on tags. Small Lego sets will be available for small succulents.

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